Pyro Supplies for sale

Hi all,

I am getting out of pyro for the time being and have some supplies to pass on. They are mostly suited to beginner/intermediate builders as there is a large variety and nothing in bulk except for very common materials (charcoal, nitrate, sulfur, perch). There are however quantities of ammonium perchlorate and potassium dichromate. Please let me know if you are uncomfortable or inexperienced with these materials as there are severe consequences associated with their misuse.



Non-metallic Fuels:

charcoal, hardwood, air float - 7lbs.

charcoal, hardwood, 80 mesh - 2lbs.

charcoal, hardwood, 36 mesh - 1lbs.

charcoal, willow, air float - 2lbs.

potassium benzoate - 800g

silicon, 325 mesh - 1lbs.

sulfur - 6lbs.


potassium nitrate, 200 mesh - 2lbs.

potassium nitrate, prilled - 15lbs.

potassium perchlorate - 9lbs.

ammonium perchlorate, 200 micron - 5lbs

ammonium perchlorate, 90 micron, 350g

potassium dichromate - 1lbs.

barium nitrate, granular - 7lbs.

strontium nitrate - 1lbs.

parlon - 1lbs.


spherical titanium, 40-100 mesh - 3lbs.

sponge titanium - 100g

ferroTi, 40 mesh - 200g

aluminum, german dark coated - 1lbs.

aluminum, german dark (coated?) - 1lbs.

spherical aluminum, 325 mesh/22u - 1lbs.

magnalium, 200-325 mesh - 600g

magnalium, 80-200 mesh - 100g

magnalium, 50 mesh - 1lbs.

steel powder, 80 mesh granular - 1lbs.

magnesium, fine shavings - 100g

magnesium, coarse shavings - 10 gallons

magnesium, coarse shavings with chunks of magnesium - 2 gallons


gum arabic - 80g

shellac - 80g

lactose - 65g

saran resin - 80g

hexamine - 100g

rice starch - 100g

vinsol - 100g

cryolite - 250g

boric acid - 1lbs. + 100g

black iron oxide - 100g

red iron oxide- 1lbs.

copper oxide - 1lbs.

barium carbonate, air float - 1lbs.+280g

strontium carbonate, air float - 2lbs.

copper carbonate - 250g

lithium carbonate - 100g

calcium carbonate - 250g

sodium bicarbonate - 2lbs.

dextrin - 4lbs.

red gum, air float - 2lbs.

wood meal - 1lbs.

bentonite clay w/ graphite - 1lbs.

kitty litter bentonite clay - 7lbs.

denatured alcohol - 1 quart

acetone - 1 pint


(potassium perc?) - 1lbs.

(perc or nitrate?) 2lbs.


green visco - 20ft.

chinese time fuse, 3 sec/inch - 10ft.


6lbs. harbor freight ball mill

1/2” hardened lead-antimony mill media - 200

10”x10” stainless mesh screens - 10, 20, 40 & 80 mesh


3/8” x 32” rocket sticks - 16

1/4”ID x 1 1/2” rubber report inserts (plug caps) - 200

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Hey Jordan, my name is Justin and I am a beginner for sure. I’m just now starting to make colored stars. I am in need of lots of materials, but i hate paying so much for the shipping fees all the time. Do you live within an hour or 2 of the dfw area? I wouldn’t mind taking a little drive to pick up some goodies. Thanks-
–your fellow pyro, Justin

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I live in San Antonio, but I would be happy to meet you somewhere in the middle. (Temple?)

Check your direct messages.