Fall Pyro Fest Group Buy questions


Are we doing a Group Buy from Spirit of 76 for Fall Pyro Fest? I’m planning a show for October and would love to participate this time.

If yes, approximately when will the orders be due?

And can someone either post a current price list or help me understand what the discounting is like? I have access to the Silver price list, but don’t know how to get from that to “20% off of Gold.”



Chris’s link still works, Spirit 25% off Gold is here:
From Chris:
As for usual, the Spirit order will be the first one due. To get the special pricing (25% off gold level – current price list attached (via Dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/008kdcoq8l96dqv/AAC7pJotGD6w4L_27fGfn_fEa?dl=077

I’ll check on doing a PAT Group Buy.