1.4g storage questions

What are the guidelines on 1.4g storage? I’m finding the NFPA 1126 and 1123 a bit confusing as to what applies to storage for a display and not manufacturing/distribution. @fuse

Re.: Texas 1.4G storage. You can store 1.4G storage in Texas anywhere you want subject to only local restrictions. Many larger cities and towns in Texas prohibit the possession of fireworks, so check with your locale. The state mandates certain rules for “bulk” storage of 1.4G, but only for over 500 cases, in this section of the Texas Occupations Code, Chapter 2154:
§34.823. Bulk Storage of Fireworks 1.4G
(a) General provisions.
(1) These provisions apply to licensees and retail storage of more than 500 cases of Fireworks 1.4G.

Of course 1.3G & black powder storage has both Texas and ATF rules, the Texas rules are here in the Code:
§34.822. Storage of Black Powder and Fireworks 1.3G at Other Than Display Sites
(a) General provisions.
Fireworks 1.3G and black powder shall be stored in magazines unless they are in process of manufacture, being physically handled in the operating process, being packaged, or being transported.
Black powder and Fireworks 1.3G shall be stored in a magazine meeting or exceeding the requirements for a Type 4 magazine.

The Texas Occupations Code Chapter 2154 for Fireworks can be found here:

Thank you so much for clarifying. I’m pretty new to reading legalese