2021 Spring Group Buy (Delivering to Spring PyroFest)

Hey PAT members,

Here is the Group Buy Price list for Spring PyroFest 2021.

All you need to do is type in the quantity needed and the sheet should do all the math. Make sure to also type your name and paypal email at the bottom so I keep the orders strait. Payment is required in full before your order will be made. Order and payment cutoff will be 4-10-21 at midnight.

Email Order to: nsainz@multiforms.com
Make PayPal friends and family payments to Paypal Account: nsainz@multiforms.com
Non-Friends and Family Payments will be refunded.

We are working with BoomWow and Palmer Fireworks on this group buy. The boomwow lines are pretty new to the USA market and I hope you all enjoy the different effects! So far as I can tell there are videos on youtube for all the product on the price list.


You’ll have to forgive me here. I’m new to this group and have never actually done a group buy. I am assuming you pick up your order at PyroFest (which is when and where)? Is there an order minimum or maximum? Are there other group buys in this group? I think that should about cover it.

Yes, pick up is at PyroFest, here is a link. https://fb.me/e/cj6NPMl2L

No minimum, just have to purchase full cases.

The Chris Stasey Group buy is separate from this group buy.

Get some goodies, the price is right for sure and most items are not getting any easier to get.

Looks like I’m not going to be able to make it up there on that date. Any other options for pick up?

You could work something out with another member to pick up your order. But, I can’t store it for you.

Man, just got back in town…there are some I could use, too bad deadline passed.