All Roman Candle 4x4 Display

Ken does a lot for the Club and when he mentioned a all roman candle 4x4 board, I wanted to see if we could get together and make this happen for him. Typically I would just buy a few cases of Roman Candles and tape them together, but that would be boring. So I was hoping we could gather a variety and make the board total mayhem.

So if you have a few candle of a partial case laying around, Sign up below and bring it for the Ken Roman Candle 4x4.


A few Roman Candles. Hmm. Interesting topic. :innocent: I hope this would be on the Saturday of the spring event. Ohh I have an idea for an add-on to the main candle board. Nope, I not talking till it happens BUT it will be GRAND.

Get those cubes goign!


I can definitely add a case to my next order.