By the case or in bulk

Hey guys, so I’m new to the Pyro here an obviously might be late to order for the New Years but for the future I wanted to know where’s the best place to buy by the case ?? I’m in San Antonio tx I’m more Towards the slaute shells :boom:I buy them from a local friend but wanna know where I can get them by the case as well, any info would be greatly appreciated.

You’ll get 10 different answers from 10 different people :). My preferred one however is, but they do have a 1k minimum order for wholesale. A couple other well known ones are:

Spirit of '76 Fireworks
American Wholesale Fireworks

Most places will start posting expected inventory and pricing in February.

We have many that do group buys with Spirit of '76.

Last one: 2020 Fall Pyrofest Group Buy

You would need to private message @cstasey75 for details of the one running now.