Celebrate Fate - Sept. 22, 2018 - Opportunity to work on a 1.4G Charity Display

Pyrotechnic Artists of Texas (PAT)
https://www.cityoffate.com/celebratefate Fireworks Shows Canceled Due To Rain Forecast

As of 9/21/2018, the City has canceled the Fireworks Displays.

This will be the fifth year Flambeaux & PAT Friends have thanked the Nelson’s by setting up the 1.4G Display for this Event. Our way to thank them for their generosity and hosting of our club events. This is a Charity Display, no one, including Flambeaux Fireworks, will get paid for working on this 1.4G Display. Rex Nelson picks out over 150 cakes from his inventory, (last year totaled 151 cakes: 151-500g) really! We script it and then we wire it all up with a Cobra firing system and shoot it. 3-Position Front, Comet/Mine runs if we have time. Flambeaux Fireworks will be the Lead in setting up the 1.4G Display. The 1.4G Display will begin upon darkness, in tandem with a 1.3G Display performed by another company. (Note: Sign-offs will not be available at this event.) It’s a great family atmosphere, feel free to invite friends and family to attend the display, lots of room for lawn chairs and blankets.

So if you’d like to help PAT in setting up the 1.4G Display, while learning about 1.4G techniques, come find us in the field, here are the details:

Date: Saturday, September 22nd, 2018
Setup Start Time: 9:00am CT
Location: City of Fate, City Hall, 1900 CD Boren Pkwy, Rockwall, TX 75087
Display Setup is located in Smith Park next to City Hall: 32.954599, -96.380846

For prospective crew, please bring the following gear: (if you have it, we’ll have extra)

A headlamp with fresh batteries
Work gloves (leather preferable)
Pocket knife
Bug spray
And if you have them:
Wire cutters
Eye & ear protection
We’ll set up in shorts/T shirts. Please bring long cotton pants(jeans are fine) and a long sleeved cotton shirt to change into for Fire Duty during the display. If it looks like rain be prepared with rain jacket and for your own comfort a change of clothes in case it really opens up. We have multiple tent/shades so we can set up in the shade or out of the rain. We’ll have coolers and will supply water, Gatorade, and snacks during setup.


Fireworks Shows Canceled Due To Rain Forecast
As of 9/21/2018, the City has canceled the Fireworks Displays.

CelebrateFate is Saturday, Sept. 22nd. Come out to see the Displays. First Display’s ignition is at 7:45pm. Free In-N-Out burgers earlier. Plenty of seating. They’ll be PAT members by the firing systems in the field. Celebrate Fate | Fate, TX

Rex took Nick and I shopping(for free) in one of his super stores last week.

Our 1.4G Charity Display will have over 175 effects in it, mostly 500g cakes. Come out earlier if you want to help setup.