Chris Stasey group buy Spirit of '76 purchase for delivery to Spring PyroFest

For PAT members only:

I’m going to do a special purchase from Spirit of ‘76 for delivery to the spring PAT event in Caddo Mills. I’ll have the product shipped to my ranch and then bring it with me to the event. Shipping will likely be in the 10-12% range. No fees, what you see on the price list is what you pay, but you must be a PAT member and be available to pick up your product at the PAT event on April 24th.

I’m limited to about 150 cases on this order. First come, first serve.

Order deadline: April 13th.

This is not intended to take away from the official PAT group buy. It looks like some very good pricing on the official PAT group buy. In fact, after doing some spot checking on identical items, the PAT group buy has slightly better pricing on most items as compared to what I’m currently getting from Spirit of '76. Of course, Spirit of '76 has an extremely extensive selection, including a wide variety of pro-line items.

Please email me for the current price list.


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This is not the PAT Group buy, it is a separate group buy organized by Chris Stasey.

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