Cobra Firing system

I’ve decided I won’t be doing my firework shows anymore and I have a ton of Cobra stuff I need to sell. Does anyone know of the best place online to list my equipment?


If you are in the DFW area, I’d suggest bringing them out to PyroFest. There will be multiple display companies there. Many are willing to buy Cobra. Also, the cobra facebook group is a good option as well, COBRA in USA .

Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately I can make it to PyroFest.
Hopefully someone will see my post and reach out. I have a controller, 2 audio boxes and 30 M18 modules and lots of extras for the system.

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Email me if you still have them please

1 - 18R2
2 - Audio Box
12 - 18M (9V)
2 - 18m (LiPo & Multi External 12-24V DC Inputs
10 - 18M (LiPo & External 12-24V DC Input
6 - 18M (LiPo)
1 - Wireless programmer
1 - cobra antenna
4 - 15MDB25CABLE 50’ slat cables
4 - 18 cue slats

I can be reached at


I sold all the equipment last year shortly after posting.

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