Comparison of assortment packs- big's City lights to?

My old vendor I used to get my FW from ordered primarily with BIG Fireworks and they had a great assortment called City Lights assortment which works out really well for large family gatherings where many of the family can set off different types of fireworks of their choosing. We usually paired the teenagers with a smaller kiddo and let each of them choose a firework from this pack to set off to make their “own” mini fireworks shows. However, looking at 76fireworks, and Jakes so far, I have not found an assortment similar to this pack. Does anyone do something similar? Here is the link to big’s City Lights assortment. Hoping someone can help with this.

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@fuse nailed it. That said, many of those assortments are mostly lower quality filler. If I were building my own mix, I’d get these:
Zingers/twister sticks (tiny spinning rockets 1 inch small tube, one case lasts years!)
Lady bugs (bigger zinger like effect plus kids love the packaging)
Fun effect 200g cakes (mercurial bees, bears, ect. Think interesting sounds)
Crackling fountains (for consumer cakes these are typically best, plus they make it so you don’t need chain crackers)
Princess fountains (these are my favorite sparkler alternative bright red flare to green flare to shower of sparks. Make sure you tape the to their stick, as they can fly of with vigorous waving. But cooler than sparklers and one case will last many years. )
Excal or other canister pack (pretty much any will do.)
2 or 3 different 500 gram cake (make sure to get one option with fan effect)
Lastly 1 or 2 NOABs ( these bring the boom)

This will give you a great variety of fun! Buying by the case means many of the smaller items you will have stock of for years / you can do multiple mass lightings for fun. You will probably have enough of the 200 gram cakes for 2 years. The 500 gram and NOABs will likely need to be purchased each year, but those always have trendy changes letting you try new effects.

If you walk away with anything, buy a case of princess fountains. They are awesome, so much brighter and more fun than a sparkler!

These two items are must haves. But more Zingers than you and 5 friends can shoot!

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