Contingency Storage Texas

Im trying to get contingency storage in the state of Texas. Does anyone know who offer contingency storage in Texas?

I haven’t heard of any bigger pyro companies in Texas offering contingency storage, but I’ve never pursued it. You could ask the firms doing the most 1.3G Displays in Texas, in order: Pyro Shows of Texas, Pyrotechnico, Sky Wonder, Magic in the Sky, Pyrotex, Extreme, Western.

Corey, where do you live in Texas? It may be some PAT member(individual or small firm) with storage is near enough(within 2 hours or so) that they could offer you contingency storage.

If you don’t find anything we can help you get your Permit or License with your own storage. It’s not that difficult to start with a small indoor magazine, e.g.- jobox, for storage up to 50lb. net explosive weight.

I live right outside of the Dallas/Forth Worth area. I’m currently employed with Pryo Shows of Texas. I will be attend their yearly seminar in February. I just wanted to have my own storage unit once I send in my application for my license. I really appreciate the help tryna obtains the necessary steps to obtain my license.