Contingency Storage

Hey all!

I know I’m usually a bit quiet outside of showing up to Caddo, but I’m finally slowing down a bit and prepping for my FEL.
I am in a bit of an odd spot though, and will likely need to use contingency storage.

My primary FEL purpose is research and development, with only sparse testing of actual material throughout the year. As such, my magazine is mostly going to be empty. I have property an hour and a half south of dallas I could technically put the magazine on, however if the ATF showed up it’s a lot of time to get out there (and likely would take away from my primary occupation). The current plan is such that I actually don’t store anything, and it would be drop shipped as testing occurs (most of it is computer modeled well in advance then a week of testing every so often, etc). At the same time, even the ATF recommended after some long talks to look for contingency, as the property is shared by people who are not on the license otherwise.
I would need contingency in a type II magazine; I have a mobile type two magazine that can be stored indoors, but I cannot use it myself currently because my business is located in Dallas proper. Even if the magazine is empty, it cannot be in the area without rezoning. Either I can use this as my day box when I have things drop shipped (immobilized overnight when I am on the blast site), or if someone has the space and proper zoning I don’t mind renting to leave it otherwise. I do not intend to store anything except as a fallback (weather significantly delays testing beyond a full week, or some other unforeseeable event)

If anyone is open to this, or knows someone who is, I would appreciate it. I hope to see everyone at another event soon.

-Jim Hartnett

If you have been to Caddo you no doubt have seen magazines out there. Not to speak for him but have you contacted Rex Nelson about renting space.

Ken Purcell

Hi Jim,

90 minutes from your magazine should be doable from an ATF perspective. You can put limited business hours on your application, e.g. - “Open on Mondays from 1:00-5:00pm. Please call for appt.”. Any Inspector understands storage may not be near your true place of business, they’d notify you in advance of a regular inspection, and they’d wait for you if they have the unlikely need to perform an unannounced inspection.

It’s fine to have other people on the property where you have your storage, they do not need to be Responsible Persons to be near your storage, only if they have access inside your storage would they need to be Responsible Persons on your license/permit.

One problem to solve with remote storage is that you need to satisfy the 7-day inspection of magazine requirement. These need to be performed although it is recommended not to log them, as there is no requirement to log them… Hopefully you could charge someone living locally near your storage to drop by once a week to assure it has not been tampered with, this would satisfy this requirement.

Indoor Type 2, sweet. Put it in a small shed or container and you’re set. Time to order some 1.1G ultra salutes…

As Dave Stoddard recommends, go for a Type 20 License. The inspecting Inspector(Agents carry guns) will probably ask you to change it a couple of times to a Type 54 Permit, prior to inspection, but they have to grant you the License if you pass inspection. Stating "I just want to be covered for all types of activities’ is acceptable.

Good Luck!