Do you have to have a license or permit to have fireworks shipped

Hello everybody just curious if you have to have a license or permit to buy Wholesale fireworks in Texas
I would like to order them online and have them shipped to me Thank you

You can buy 1.4G fireworks at wholesale prices and have them shipped to you in Texas without a license, if for personal use. Most wholesalers require some form of licensed or shooter class completion before selling you pro-line UN0431-UN0432 effects, things like slices or single shots.

If purchashing for retail resale, you would need to satisfy the Texas Dept. of Insurance Fire Marshalls rules and license for selling fireworks at retail, including getting a retail Sales Permit & selling only during the selling seasons. As well, retail stands & locations have a defined set of rules for setup and safety, including inspections.


Thank you very much they are for personal use :us::us::us: