Donations for FPF Star Spangled Banner

Good afternoon guy’s and gal’s I am in talks with Jeremy on doing a 1.4 display for our National Anthem. Havent seen us do a National Anthem in a few years. So i am donating my time to script it out with a some of my product. I do have a few blank spots and needing some cakes. Joel is donating some 200 gram cakes. Chris Garcia is loaning me a few cobra mods. ( i still dont have a total cue count yet so may need 3 more cobra mods). I am doing a 3 wide. So if you have 200 gram cakes 3 of each would be awesome. And 500 gram cakes just a pair would work. If you do please shoot me a text 9035740698 so you can give me product name and brand for me to watch video and add it in to the sbow script. Thanks PAT members. I will see yall in about a months time.

I’ll have to go through my inventory next weekend, but i may have a couple…

I did a bit of digging around and this is what I came up with. I had a few bins I didn’t check might have a couple other options.

Good morning guys i will be finalizing the script this after noon. Thank two a few of yall to reach out and donate some product. I am now full on the script (i think) lol please get with me at the event on friday morning or whenever. I more than likely be out side under a blue canopy or over by Julian and his rocket press.

Okay script is fully done i think. I had to redo it this afternoon and i think i am happy with it.

But i now need Ematches or MJGs i will need roughly 140. Thanks.

Any specific lengths and did you need quick-plug or regular ?

Regularly no shorter than 2 meters long