Event Planner seeking for a Private Event - July 3, 2021 - Sinton, Texas

ISO of a PAT member to perform for a Private Event in Sinton, Texas

Here are the issues, the budget is $2500 and the display is on July 3, busiest and most profitable time of the year.

Here is my Contact Information:

Unique Event Designs, LLc
Mrs. Christi Clingan
Office Tel: (361)426-5398
Mobile: Tel: (361) 906-8987 after 7 pm

For independent shooters, I’m also willing to help with product and insurance on this to hopefully make it profitable enough, but you will have to come to terms with me on that. My email is info@uniqueeventdesigns.net

Hi Christi,
That is pretty far south, we don’t have many members in that area yet. Plus, the low budget, peak season, and late planning make it unlikely you will get an answer. What size display is the customer expecting for $2500? Is the budget fixed or would they pay a bonus to make it happen given the circumstances? Because, your advertising to North Texas, Houston, San Antonio, and Austin shooters. So there will be some real travel expenses as well.

A company is San Antonio (Liberty Fireworks) is offering on their website:
La Fiesta
6-7 minutes of an aerial fireworks display and a finale
Approximately 600-650 colorful aerial shots and bursts
Ideal for smaller venues and close proximity
Suggested for weddings, sweet 16, quintessence’s, anniversary parties, etc…
Includes Insurance Policy and a Licensed Pyrotechnic

But when I went to book them he changed his price to $12,000

This doesn’t surprise me. The first 7 days of July are some of the most profitable days of a year for a fireworks company. While a company may shoot 1 or 2 shows a month during the year, during the first 7 days of July, they can shoot as many shows as they can handle. Companies are often also booked to shoot these displays by February if not earlier. Also, the July displays are often much larger and more profitable than the smaller displays they do during the year, talking $10,000+ and up.

I don’t know Liberty Fireworks off the top of my head. But, they gave you a price instead of just telling you no, which most companies right now would likely do. It was a pay big or go away price, but companies are getting requests like yours multiple times a week right now. The requests are only going to get more common as those shopping displays for short turn events continue to join the pool.

The limiting factor for displays on the first 7 days of July are the number of licensed shooters. Right now, as a licensed shooter you can go to most any fireworks company and offer your services on the first 7 days of July and get a gigs paying $1000+ per event. To put this in perspective, the licensed shooter for a $2500 display might get $250.

This year is also special, as there is a global fireworks shortage. The vast majority of the industry is paying 30% more for fireworks and only receiving 50% to 70% of the fireworks they ordered. This has also increase the cost of displays. So posted pricing may be well out of date on different company sites and brochures.

I’m sorry I don’t have a silver bullet beyond explaining your in a bidding war at this point to get a display for your event. July is when the fireworks market runs way over 100% utilization. I hope you have a reasonable client that can understand this as well. Though in working in the industry reasonable is often the best clients we ever get, you know other than the money is no object client. I hope the info gives you some persuasive points to keep the client happy enough. Because it is always harder when you don’t have a yes, no problem response.