Fall Pyro Fest Group Buy questions

Are we doing a Group Buy from Spirit of 76 for Fall Pyro Fest? I’m planning a show for October and would love to participate this time.

If yes, approximately when will the orders be due?

And can someone either post a current price list or help me understand what the discounting is like? I have access to the Silver price list, but don’t know how to get from that to “20% off of Gold.”


Chris’s link still works, Spirit 25% off Gold is here:
From Chris:
As for usual, the Spirit order will be the first one due. To get the special pricing (25% off gold level – current price list attached (via Dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/008kdcoq8l96dqv/AAC7pJotGD6w4L_27fGfn_fEa?dl=077

I’ll check on doing a PAT Group Buy.

I am attending the Spirit of '76 Demo on Friday, September 6th. I have room for a few more (10 to 12) cases. I will be at the Fall Pyro Fest in Caddo Mills and can deliver there. If you need anything from Spirit of '76 please let me know soon as possible. Group buy pricing. Thanks, David

I’m interested! How do I reach you?

PM sent with contact numbers. Thanks, David