Fall Pyrofest Group Buy 2023

Edit: Please get CraigCo comet or slice rack orders in by the 15th, preferably by the 10th.
Hey Guys! Let’s get the group buy for the fall Pyrofest going! In addition to Spirit of '76, you may also purchase from my (NTP) inventory of Raccoon and Winda/Wizard product. There is a lot of great 1.4pro items available in the NTP list along with a selection of consumer and 1.3G (obviously, I’ll need your FEL on file for 1.3G orders). I’m also doing a buy for CraigCo comet racks. Let’s get a 30 rack order together from CraigCo and get the 20% off pricing (we can mix and match racks to get the 30 rack discount level).

Please find the price lists here:

Let’s figure 10% shipping on the Spirit order and we’ll settle up any difference when the final total is known. BTW, be sure to notice the second tab “closeouts” on the Spirit list.

Shipping for CraigCo will be $10 per rack.

I will provide free shipping to the PAT event for the NTP items.

Payments can be sent via
Paypal or Zelle to: cstasey75@gmail.com
Venmo to @Chris-Stasey

Please fill out the name, payment address, and phone number information at the top of the spreadsheet (helps me track where to find the payment).

Order and Payment Cutoff will be September 15th, 2023 at midnight. Payments must be received before your order will be made.

Feel free to direct any questions to cstasey75@gmail.com