Finale 3D - Free 3 month Trial, Good-bye Finale Business

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Dear Finale Business User,

After 10 wonderful years our old software, Finale Business, is reaching the end of its software life. We stopped selling Finale Business in mid-2018. We extended all service plans to January 1, 2020. After that, the software will continue to be fully functional until the servers break down, at which point you will need to click “Work offline” on the login dialog to use the software. In offline mode the software will not have the ability to add/upload music, perform inventory operations, or create video renderings. With this in mind, it’s time to start thinking about the successor to Finale Business.

For the last five years, we’ve been working on a high end version of Finale called Finale 3D. This new version of Finale is the culmination of a decade of experience and feedback from users like you and is designed to be the world’s most powerful fireworks scripting software. Finale 3D was officially launched in December 20, 2018 and is now available in two versions, Pro for $1049/year and Hobbyist for $349/year.

To give you a chance to see everything 3D has to offer, we would like to offer you a FREE 3-MONTH LICENSE of Finale 3D Pro! Follow these steps to collect your license:

  1. Download and install Finale 3D
  2. Launch Finale 3D and Create an Account
  3. Visit, enter the email address associated with your account and the promo code: BUSINESSFREE

No credit card required, no obligation, just free. Period. Intro to Finale 3D – beginning to end in two minutes

  • Will, Chris, and the Finale Team

What people are saying

“We used Finale 3D for the ‘Havana 500’ displays, with the simulations approved by Cuba’s President himself! I can’t say enough about 3D. It’s straightforward to learn, provides simple solutions for complex equipment planning, and produces stunning simulations that a designer can provide to the most prestigious of clients.” - George Wade FireworksFX

“Truly wonderful. I used to use separate software for visualization, sound, and equipment. I had to explain everything in the field. There were a lot of mistakes. Finale 3D is modern, all-in-one software, which simplifies my work extensively. Prints are logical, clear and understandable. Now we always take the right amount of mortars and modules. There are no mistakes any more.” - Aleš Ham Hamex Slovenia

“Truly amazing software to take your designs to the next level. Endless customizability, complex sequences, multiple firing systems in the same show, real time simulations and inventory management make designing a treat. Creating the 360° CN Tower show at 1800 feet above the ground would have been impossible without the visualizing power of Finale 3D.” - Eric Cardinal GFA Pyro

“Finale rocks – it is an unbelievable tool to get the pictures out of your mind and onto the screen. We designed the first place Pyronale 2018 show in Finale 3D. To keep in budget, we used Finale 3D to simulate firing patterns to choose the best approach to fill the sky. The extensive addressing capabilities made the show setup as easy as could be.” - Michael Newiger, Nagi

“The features of Finale 3D are incredible, and they are so easy to use. We save many hours of work with the software’s great and powerful features.” - Nikola Petrovic, Pyro-Team Serbia

“No ignition system or software has ever offered such effective methods. For productions with thousands of single-shots, Finale 3D allocates racks according to our specifications, giving us enormous relief and time savings. Previously, we used three systems to perform visualization, scripting and reporting. It all works today with just a single software, Finale 3D.” - Ulf Werner, FOG fireworks + sfx GmbH

“What used to take two hours per minute of show duration to design now takes two hours per song or segment to complete. Even if you only design one show per year and save yourself 20 hours of work, which I promise you will, you are already well ahead. Finale 3D is an absolute must have. It is the single greatest innovation in display design efficiency I have ever seen.” - Peter Rogoz, Vulcan/Shogun/Galaxis

“It is impossible to say enough about a system that takes care of your entire workflow. I have used Finale 3D to design shows with multiple firing systems stretching across kilometers of land and water. After 20 years of experience in this field, I can tell you for a fact that there is no other product that even justifies a comparison attempt.” - Piotr Szablowski, Flash Art

“A once in a generation moment! The realtime sim, addressing blueprints and 4k videos enable us to showcase our ideas in 3D to clients, collaborators, event management and broadcast partners early, which forms the backbone of our final design and provides a link to drive the creative development of an event around our pyrotechnic concepts.” - Stuart Bensley, Howard & Sons

“We always thought the original Finale was a powerful tool but Finale 3D takes show designing to a whole new level. From the ease of adding effects from available stock to just the versatility of scripting, the software works naturally for us the way we work, rather than requiring us to change procedures to make it work.” - Charlie, Skyfiller Fireworks Ltd

“Finale 3D is the most powerful design software I have ever had the opportunity to use, and its features are all simple and intuitive. It has so many tools, effects and possibilities that I am able to impress clients to the point of raising their budgets, allowing me to increase the complexity of my designs.” - Guillaume Chartier, Lidu Fireworks & Hands Fireworks

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