Fireworks group buy the the October 12 – 14th PAT event in Caddo Mills

Hey Guys,

We have another great group buy with Spirit of 76 (SO76) fireworks for delivery to the October 12 – 14th PAT event in Caddo Mills. The spreadsheet has everything that is in stock or will be in stock by time of shipping. Stock up for New Years!

Due to an upcoming price increase from SO76, the due date to get your order form and payment to me is September 5th.

Here is the link. It’s easiest to download and then email to me.

If you don’t have MS Excel try this

I’ve built in 8% for shipping. If the shipping is less, I will donate the difference to PAT. (I find shipping is usually around 7.5%…for large orders)

Order FULL cases only. Feel free to email others about splitting cases. But please only order full cases and split them on site with others. Look at the assortments if you need variety. SO76 has a great selection of larger assortments. I.E. Franklin, Jefferson and Washington assortments.

Please send your spreadsheet back to me at and PayPal the funds to the same address. Make sure to use “Send money to friends and family”. That saves me thus YOU fees. If you prefer to pay cash or check you will need to meet me/pay me two weeks prior to the due date. (I’m in Dallas area)
You CAN order anything from their professional list as well.

They have a great website with videos of most products here:

If you have any questions, feel free to email me.

High points:

  1. Order FULL cases only.
  2. Make sure and put your name, cell, and email at the top of the spreadsheet.
  3. Please pay via PayPal to
  4. Make sure to us the send to “friend” option not “goods” otherwise you will pay more in fees.
  5. Due date: September 5th for list and payment.


For those that haven’t ordered by the case before:
What do case pack numbers mean:
For example, firecrackers that are packed 32/40/12 means the following: 12 firecrackers in one string; 40 packages of 12 on a string in a brick; 32 bricks of 40 packages of 12 on a string in a case.
If 200 gram multi-shots are packaged 12/1, then each is an individual unit and there are 12 in a case. A reloadable item with a packing of 6/24 means there are 24 shells in one individual pack, 6 packages in a case. If the packing was 2/60, then there are 60 shells in one individual pack, with 2 packages making a case.


Got the group buy added on the facebook page. Please share with anyone you know.

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When does the shipping container show up?

I have an event at the beginning of October that I would love love love to have some SO76 product for.

We’ll have it delivered Friday October 12th to the event site. Thanks!


Got my order in! :slight_smile:

I’ve received several orders in. Please get your order and PayPal to my by midnight tomorrow night…the 5th.


Get those orders in.