Food order for Spring Pyrofest

I’ll be putting in the food order for the Spring Pyrofest next week. Previously, some of you have mentioned wanting to get a case of bacon wrapped quail or jalapeno sausage, etc. If you would like for me to pick up a case for you, let me know at or text/call me at 817-505-3634. There are thousands of other items that can be had, if there is something you are interested in a case of, just let me know. Yes, you can get slightly better pricing at Sam’s (and I get a ton of stuff there), but the vast selection from my food service supplier is worth keeping an account open.

Currently, I’m ordering:
Eddy’s: Jalapeno & Cheese Sausage $37.19 per 10lb case
Eddy’s: regular smoked sausage $28.98 per 10lb case
Miillers: ring sausage with pepperjack cheese $36.99 per 10lb case
Plantation Quail: bacon wrapped quail breast per 54ct $68.44
Plantation Quail: bacon wrapped quail breast w/jalapeno per 54ct $70.33
Lamb Western: crinkle cut potato wedges $42.55 per 30lb case
Ellington Corn Dogs: 2.75oz 36ct $16.55
Leons Jalapeno Cheddar Cheese poppers: 1.25oz 96ct $40.30
Cole Slaw Kit: 10lb $20.57

Yes, I will be cooking brisket and pork ribs and we will have BBQ beans as well along with some hot dogs, nachos and other general concession stand fare.

I’ll take a case of the bacon wrapped Quail and the miller ring sausage.
Any chance you will have it early in the week? I’m looking to be in trickle creek the Tuesday before.

It should be onsite by Wednesday evening for sure, but I may make arrangements to have it there sooner. Who knows, we might have big enough order for free shipping. I should have a date before the end of next week.


Can’t wait