Getting out of fireworks - Selling Digital Scale

Howdy, my name is Doug Dinse

While living in Oklahoma, my friends and I built our own fireworks from kits and resources we purchased from Skylighter.

I moved to Texas for work, and then Covid hit and now there is no interest in continuing.

I’ve already sold my Cobra Ignition System and racks of mortar tubes.

The last of my firework equipment I have left is my digital scale. It has a 5 pound capacity with 0.001 increments up to 5 pounds. (It can weigh in pounds or kilograms)

I’d rather have it go to a pyro than possibly end up in the hands of a drug dealer.

I’m not a member of the Texas Fire ants but would consider joining sometime in the future. First I would like to be “just a spectator” at one of your events.

I’m located down the street from Peaster schools. (Weatherford Texas address)

I have been getting notices anytime someone posts to this board.

Also interested parties can email me directly at

Sincere thanks

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Hi Doug,
Hope you do make it out to an event. That is a nice scale, unfortunately I have 1 nice scale and 5 ok scales already.
I’ll send a message to a few other builders to see if they are interested. What do you hope to make on the scale?

Thank you for your response.

The scale still works as well as it did when I bought it brand new. But that was a long time ago. The indicator can still be serviced, but it has been discontinued.

Therefore I accept that the scale is not worth near the $270 that I paid for it.

Another reason I posted to Fireants, is that it is more likely that the buyer would located in North Texas. I’m hoping they might want to pick it up rather than having to negotiate having to ship that heavy beast.

And I would get to meet someone associated with the Fireants.

Bottom line, I’m hoping to get at least $120.00 for it, but I am flexible for a cash offer, especially if it will go to someone who likes firework building as much as I do and comes to pick it up.