Had a post copied on Facebook, I guess we are tend setters now


So I made the post image on the right and with in 24 hours one of the chinese fireworks company copied the style. :smile:

To make it worse, they did it better than my post. LOL


Set what trend? You do realize that the Chinese invented the shell yeah.
I’ve shooting professionally since 81 and I’m still amazed with the stuff they come up with.
I’ve shot bigger. During the gulf war we could have the entire crew sign the finale shells and
we were writing “To Saddam with love”… ect not to mention the stuff I can’t post.
All shells look great in your arms. How does it look when it breaks if it breaks or if it gets any altitude at all.


You missed the point, it was the style of the image, not the shell. It was funny, not super serious.