Help selling my dad’s Salzman system

My dad passed away 1.5 years ago and he made his person system. He was Jim Bennett and worked for (then) Atlas Enterprise in Fort Worth.

Qty 34 mini rails

qty 1 silver j box ( incomplete )

Rail Cables
40ft - 11
50ft -10
100ft - 4

Main Cables
100ft - 2
200ft - 1 finished, 1 unfinished.

I think? Jumpers between main and rail cables, male to male rail cable extenders, and others I’m not sure what then do.

All soldered, all gold pin connectors, built meticulously.

I have an idea of its value, but I’m not really sure. I’m looking to sell it and I don’t want retail, I’m just looking for a reasonable price.

Does anyone have an estimated value? Does anyone want it or know of anyone that does? I’m kinda lost looking for any information.


@JasBen First sorry for you loss. I knew you dad as I did a few shows for Atlas.

So many people are moving to the modern wireless stuff but a lot of people do like Salman gear as it is pretty much bullet proof. I’m sure there may be some interest for people that already have a Salzman system and want to add on.

I remember some of Jim’s basic systems were in the $1,200-$1,500 range. I would start with 60-70% of that.

Good luck Jason. Sorry about your dad.

Thank you for your help and well wishes. It wa much needed info.