How To Apply For A Texas Special Effects Operators(SEO) License

Study for and take your Special Effects Operator’s License(SEO) Test. It requires no Sign-off’s and is a valid credential to buy pro-line, e.g. Spirit Pro-Line.

The Test covers the Texas Occupations Code and NFPA 1126. You’ll also have to get fingerprinted at a 3rd party office and background checked.


Texas Occupations Code for Fireworks

NFPA 1126


Finger printing and Background Check (from the License Application)
“An FBI Background is required through IdentoGO and requires a unique service code that will be needed when scheduling for submission for your Electronic fingerprints.” Service code is: 11H3FV.

Schedule TDI Exams here:
This is where to schedule a test:
Click on: “Find an Exam Center”
Choose: “TFM06 - Fireworks Special Effects Operator”
Fill in: “Find Test Location”
Click on: “Search Exam Center”
Schedule Test

Contact PAT if you’d like an introduction to PAT member firms near where you live. Most display operators always welcome a helping hand, and most PAT members have a passion for teaching and sharing information on fireworks.

For test study, the Fireworks Special Effects Operator test (TFM06) questions are based in part on NFPA 1126 (1996 Edition) .?. SF238 Rev. 01/15 (page 3) refers to this edition, and I called the Fire Marshall’s office to confirm or find out the proper edition to study (Confirmed, 1996 ed.) … I went to the NFPA site and they only have the 2016, 2011, and 2006 editions.

My question/concern is How can I obtain the 1996 edition (legally) for study. I’m assuming that there have been many changes… and I’m not comfortable how those changes might affect the test.

Older Fireants can chime in if they have the older copy but most have done well on the SEO Test using the 2006 version of NFPA 1126. As noted, much of the test is also on the Texas Occupations Code Chapter 2154. Study both and you should be fine.

Thank you. I’ll grab a copy of the 2006 edition from NFPA today. I’m one of those weirdoes that can remember two sets of info, but sometimes forget which applies at a given moment … I once missed a question on a test because I knew the eye relief on a set of optics, and I knew the answer in the training manual was wrong. Both answers were on the test, but I couldn’t remember which was in the training manual (the answer the test wanted).

I’m new to fireworks, coming from old school demolitions. I always like to say most of this stuff is common sense, as long as you take a moment to think it out and watch your assumptions. It’s the assumptions or not actively thinking out/focusing on what you’re doing that bites ya in the behind…

How do you take the test? I got the app filled out and the finger print stuff done just can’t figure out where to take the test.

Daryl Parsons

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I have followed your step by step guide but when I get to the page and enter TFM06 - Fireworks Special Effects Operator" no exam is found. I tried all kinds of key words but I still cant find the exam or am exam center

What am I doing wrong?