Importing Fireworks

First off i want to say thanks for allowing me to join here, i look forward to meeting people with the same passion for fireworks. Now off to the reason for the post; I have been reading rules and regulations for each license type listed per State and BATFE but i am not seeing anything regarding importing fireworks for personal use(1.4) within the allowable sales dates. I have been buying wholesale for the past year but the wholesale prices are twice what an actual wholesaler prices therefore am looking out of state, every license involves; sales, distribution or dsiplays for other parties which i would not be doing. Can someone point me whether my information is correct? I live in a non regulated area outside of Houston.

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You can purchase 1.4G wholesale from in-state suppliers or out-of-state suppliers regardless of Texas retail fireworks seasonal periods… Most wholesalers have a first time or per order minimum. Most also have different discount levels for different order/spend volumes.

Jakes Fireworks - in-state $1000. min. first order, can pickup from Athens, TX location

Spirit of 76 - out-of-state, will ship 1.4G FedEx Hazmat to your location or to a FedEx Hazmat capable facility near you.
Min. - $500. Silver Pricing, $2000. Gold Pricing

PyroDudes - just published their catalog, 2018 pricing to follow, haven’t ordered from them but they have good selection

Now some 1.4G/1.4G Pro wholesalers require some type of State License to sell to you, getting a Texas SEO License is straightforward and usually satisfies this requirement.

“cowtown” on Pyrofan organizesTexas Group Buys from Spirit and Jakes, you could ask him to get in on this group buy. He’s a great guy to deal with. You’d have to pickup from his location in North Texas.

For someone starting out, this might be your best option, since cowtown has great pricing with the vendors and doesn’t markup the sale. You might PM cowtown and ask him if you can order through him.

"Re: texas round up- INTERESTED IN GROUP BUY ?
Ok, how about some details… here you go. I am the “Chris” that zzzybil mentioned a couple of posts back. I mentioned the idea of putting this out on pyrofan to zzzybil last week and she started this thread, so here goes. I’m new to the forum, but zzzybil can certainly vouch for me. I’ve been running this group buy for a few years now. I buy from Jakes and Spirit of '76 and may be adding Red Rhino this coming year. I welcome anybody who wants in and will gladly email any interested party the finer details, pricelists, etc.

In short, I put in an order from SO76 at the end of January and from Jakes in March. I pick up or have delivered all the product in May (I usually pick it up). You can then pick it up from me. Btw, I’m in Fort Worth, TX (well, about 1 mile from there anyway). I’m about the easiest person to work with you’ll ever come across. I don’t mind if you want a partial case. I’ll even usually buy the rest of an open case (generally, except for novelty items). And, while I may be new to this forum, I’m a life long pyro fan and you have nothing to fear as I will front the money for the entire order (as long as I can afford to do so). All I ask is that you not stick me with a bunch of product that I didn’t order.

So shoot me a PM with your email and I’ll fill you in with the finer details."

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Thanks Fuse, i just came from over there due to your suggestion; dude you have been upgraded to a friend as you have replied to two of my posts on both sites in less than 3 hours. I did emailed him about the group buys and am awaiting response. I just read the rules again to make sure i am legally doing this, anyway i hope you guys had a great New Year celebration; i just burned 13 200g cakes and roman candles i had left over from July.

Crankshaft -

I use 76 each year and am adding dominator (Fireworks Forever) too this year. In the Houston area so SE Texas vs North. Not sure what area works for you. Just giving a heads up. I get really good pricing “special order” is what they call but you have to order early. End of Jan is usually their cutoff.