Introduction / Ignite firing systems

Howdy all,
I’m new to the group, and would like to get into pyromusicals. This past 4th, I tried my hand at a manual ignition pyromusical. It was a hit, I had a blast and more importantly, there were no injuries.
Just curious what popular opinion is of the Ignite system. Looking for bang for my buck, but not at the cost of reliability or frustration setting it up.
This is for personal, leisurely use. That being said, a friend a few states away laughed at me when I said that and commented “And that’s how it starts!!” I have no doubt in his words.

I haven’t used ignite, but I do enjoy cobra firing systems. They also make ignite. I could try to talk you in to a traditional cobra setup, but I don’t know you well enough.

If you want to mess with a cobra system I could likely put one in your hands to mess with at spring PyroFest.

I have to admit, even after watching all the video’s on Cobra’s website, I’m still not sure what I’d need for a “starter pack” that could do what I want initially with the potential of being upgraded. There are too many options available for someone with no experience. 18? 36? 72? (2) 18’s? Slats? Onboard? Quickplugs? Audio Box… I have a lot to learn and I’m excited for Pyrofest. I found PAT 2 days before Fall Pyrofest and couldn’t make plans quick enough.

Click my name and send me a pm with your number. I can call you sometime soon and get some more info for you.

@Nick I’m having a hard time figuring out how to PM. Not sure if it’s my browser or what. My phone number is 307.389.9285