Magazine storage options

Hi all. I’m fairly new to the Fireants and have a question about storage. Right now, I’m a hobbyist shooting only consumer fireworks. I’ll be receiving a larger shipment in the next few weeks (thanks Chris for setting up the group buy) and want to know what kind of storage options folks are using. I’m a military member so will only be in Texas for a few more years, as such, it’s not practical to build my own magazine. Are there options for renting magazine space or something similar? I plan on using most of what I buy this 4th, but it would be nice to be able to buy more and store in a rented magazine spot until I need it. Thanks for your input and expertise.

I’m not aware of anyone renting Magazine space right now. But, 1.4 consumer product is not required to be stored in a registered ATF magazine. As long as where you live it is not illegal to have the fireworks, you should be able to store it in a dry location without a problem.