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Greetings all from Houston, Tx. I’m a hobbyist and enthusiast really just trying to learn more. I’m pretty ignorant when it comes to most of the terminology, and even more ignorant when it comes to setting up and building firework displays. I know I just have loved fireworks from a very young age(I’m 45 now) and would love to take my enthusiasm to the next level and try to learn how to really set up better shows in the future in a safe way. My family thinks I’m crazy that I get fireworks by the pallet every holiday from the spirit of 76 enough to be a gold member for the last several years. All I know how to do is light cakes and artillery shells though which is pretty disappointing and why I’m excited to see that this organization exists. I would love to become a member if you would have me, but I’m not sure if this club is mainly pyrotechnic professionals or includes hobbyists such as myself. I won’t be able to contribute much knowledge since I’m a newbie but I hope that will change soon. Are there members around houston? And are you guys open to members such as myself?? Thanks in advance.
Amjad sheikh
Houston, Tx

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Hi Amjad,
We totally like having members like you. We are the perfect club for your level of fireworks. We can get you introduced to firing systems and doing more electronic fired shows for your family. We also teach fireworks building and effects that you have to build and can’t buy off the shelves. Please sign up on the website and come to our event in September. This will be closer to Houston and more likely to run into members in your neighborhood.

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Good morning Nick. i would also like to be a part of a club where i can expand my pyro skills from knowledgeable people. If possible can you explain how i can join. Are there any demos in the near future?

You can purchase membership on the site

Our updates are posted on our Facebook page and website home page.

The best time to get involved is around our two events a year. Spring and Fall PyroFest.