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Hello, does anybody know what all the $120 membership cover. I’m trying to obtain my pyrotechnics license this year.

The club membership is annual, so it covers 2-3 Events a year. At each Event the club pays for $4000.-$5000. of 1.4G & 1.3G wholesale product cost to support the public displays, including either paying for or arranging for display insurance. The club also provides shell/rocket builder equipment, chemicals, and supplies(hemi’s, tubes, etc.) for building. And the club provides amenities like catered Sat. night dinner and port-o-potties. All club members are unpaid volunteers, the club holds a 501c3 IRS status, so it can provide tax receipts for donations.

Both Friday and Saturday are TDI Permitted Displays, so if you wish to get sign-offs you should help build the 1.3G displays on those days, and help clean them up on Sunday morning, in return you will receive 2-1.3G sign-offs. It’s a great way to get 1.3G experience in a nurturing, teaching environment. And It’s a good way of collecting sign-offs without indenturing yourself to only one Display company.

I give licensing seminars covering Texas and ATF licensing requirements at each Event. Or come find me and I’ll review them one-on-one with you. As well, we can introduce you to Display company owners in your area, giving you the opportunity to network at each PAT Event to find companies you may want to work for, giving you a breadth of experience in doing displays.

Overall, the PAT club uses membership fee’s to pay for product, materials, and amenities for multiple events per year.

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Thanks so much I will be attending next month seminar as a member.

Can’t wait to meet you! I’m Nick Sainz the club President. I’m the bearded guy on the facebook page live streams. Make sure to get out on Friday if you can, 1:30 is a great shell building class. I hope I’ll also have rockets ready to build girandolas and I could always use help with those. :slight_smile:

Yes sir same here I’ve already done the membership & event fee. I will be there Friday morning always glad to lend a helping hand :ok_hand:.

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I’ll make sure to get you stuck in.