My First Firing System

I’m ready to buy my first firing system and looking for recommendations.

I need something rugged. This system is going to Burning Man and will get banged up.

Scriptable Cues: at least 15, needs to be expandable
Budget: I’d like to spend less than $2,000. Considerably less, if possible.
I care A LOT about the User Interface. I build software for a living and using crappy interfaces is intensely frustrating for me.

I’m considering the Cobra 18R2 Pro and 18M Starter Package, Android tablet, and a few 18S slats.

I haven’t really looked at other brands yet.

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I would recommend the Mongoose system. I am a dealer for them and we are also likely attending burning man with the Gon Kirin Fire breathing Dragon.

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Cant go wrong with a Cobra. I got an 18r2 and 2 mods to start a few years ago and have expanded to 12 now. Also added an audiobox and control panel. I just do 1 or 2 back yard shows a year.

You can see my last show here:

Not bad for a backyard amateur pyro guy.

The owner Scott provides the best customer service I have ever seen from ANY company.


I have to echo that Scott at Cobra gives the best service after the sale that I have ever experienced. It does not matter if it is a huge company shooting million dollar shows or just a hobbyist shooting one backyard show a year.

Scott treats everyone like they are the most important customer Cobra has.

I am a hobby shooter and I bought the Cobra 18R2 starter system many years ago.
I have upgraded my system to use rechargeable Lipo batteries as well as external 24v batteries.

What I did not expect was I became part of the Cobra community. There are so many people using Cobra systems that I met new friends in my city who also own Cobra systems. There is always someone to help when you have a question.