New Igniter Option

Leading up to pyrofest if anyone wants me to order some new quickplug igniters that cost almost half the price of MJG. I’ll be bringing some samples for members to try out as well.

Price before shipping.

2 meter (box)x50-$31.50 (case)x1000-$575
3 meter (box)x40-$31.50 (case)x1000-$675

If you’re interested reply here or message me on Facebook. I’ll contact my friend and see when he has shipments arriving. So far I’m happy with the quality and watched one show & demo night fired with them. I believe two wires failed continuity checks overall. Prices may be subject to change and large orders may be able to get more of a discount.

Case and box prices per quantity for both .40mm & .45mm wire quickplug.
.45mm box
.45mm case
.40mm box
.40mm Case