Oklahoma - Fireworks Operators' License Requirements

To obtain an Oklahoma fireworks Operators’ license, for any public display, 1.4G or 1.3G, requires taking an accredited class, some of which offer live firing that constitute a Sign-off, and you must get 3-Sign-off’s total to be eligible to take the state test.


I’ve taken the OK licensing class from Hance fireworks, it was a good experience. Hance is offering a class for $50. in on April 18th in Tahlequah, OK. It includes live firing.

From the link above, Rainbow Fireworks is offering a free class on Feb. 29th in Pawnee, OK.

Arc Pyro is offering a class for $35. on April 25th in Edmond, OK.

Of course all the companies are looking for crew and future lead shooters, so expect some recruitment discussion. The class is good experience for the hobbyist or for those who intend to get licensed, just make sure you don’t sign anything that contains a non-compete.