PAT 2024 Spring Pyrofest Igniter & 1.4/1.4pro Group Buy

Hey guys figure now is a good time to put this back out there. Anyone who need igniters with quick plugs I can get pretty good pricing. These have been tested by myself and others and thus far everyone has been pleased with the production. The 0.45mm list is up to date with available lengths by the box or case. For 0.40mm wire stock is down to 3 cases of 2m, less than a case of 1m and 3m are left of these. All igniter prices are prior to shipping. I’m also including a list of 1.4 consumer and 1.4 pro as I’m currently ordering for myself and am willing to add anyone that would like something. Might also have aluminum single shot racks available for order as well, waiting to see what the supplier had manufactured.
.45mm box
.45mm case
.40mm box
.40mm Case

1.4 Consumer list:

[1.4 Consumer - Google Sheets]

1.4pro list:

I made the order sheets with S&H/Tax built into it based on my current shipping estimate. Total cost should be very close to the number displayed. The order window for the 1.4/1.4pro will be likely closing end of month or early march.

Feel free to message me if you have any questions, on here, Facebook or by email

I’m interested in some 3’ for single shot racks. Are you combining orders to get the best pricing? What does the shipping cost look like?


So to get best shipping rates everything will likely be on the same order. Once I know the full order I’ll be able to get a per unit shipping cost. The racks would likely be treated as a case per 2 racks, since they come 2 racks in a box from China. He’s going to let me know the sizes he’ll have available inventory since the pre-order window has passed. If you want to discuss you can message me on FB or call me after 6pm.

Anyone wanting to jump on the fireworks portion of my order the deadline is this Friday. For anyone wanting match or racks I can add more of those into early April. I will have some samples of match for those who’d like to try them first, though quantities are limited on samples.

Here’s the list of in stock racks. The numbers are based on a single unit shipped to you. If included in my order you will save on shipping.

One additional chance to grab igniters. One of my shipments of racks was delayed from China. So my supplier just let me know anyone who wants to add igniters to my last shipments will be able to do so at the 15+box discount price. The order will close out at the end of this week and be on its way next Monday. Attached is the pricing.

Last minute update found out there’s also standard wire initiators in 3m & 5m available to order.

standard wire case
standard wire box