PAT Fall Event April 5-7, 2019 - Stasey Field - Display Details

Pryo-Fest’s location, times, and area details are on PAT’s website: .

Pyro-Fest’s Display Schedule is listed below. For those wanting to work on Displays, please note who the Leads are. Brian of PrestoTechnics is Lead for the 1.3G Main Display, you’ll want to help him build that Display if you are seeking TDI Sign-offs for your FPO license. You can also get a bunch of tips and techniques for 1.4G Displays by helping and talking with the Leads of the other Displays. Most of the Leads also own their own Display companies, so it’s a great chance to network with different firms around the state.

PAT Schedule for Friday – April 5th
Timing will be after sunset, try to get there before then:

Time TBD Spirit of 76 Demo – JJ - Lead
Time TBD Red Rhino Demo – Jeremy Gohlke - Lead
Time TBD Custom Shell Demo - Chris Roth - Lead
(28-shells ranging in size 3"-12", all built by Chris & Matt Roth)

All the Demo’s are scripted and we’ll give out guides to the effects being shot in each of them.

Pyro Fest Display Schedule for Saturday - April 6th

5:30pm PAT Dinner
6:30pm Gates open to general public
8:00pm National Anthem with Display - Chris Stasey - Lead
8:05pm PAT speech - Nick Sainz - Lead
8:15pm Fuel mine train wreck - Gary Kovar - Lead
8:22pm 3 minute 1.4G show - Beth Stasey - Lead
8:30pm Pro-am 1 (1.4G -10 minute max) - Ladies Team, Alexis Chernosky - Lead
8:44pm Pro-am 2 - Chad Martin - Lead
8:58pm Pro-am 3 - Chris Stasey - Lead
9:15pm Large Shell Demo (including homemade jelly fish) - JJ - Lead
9:35pm 2 minute 1.3G show - Chris Stasey - Lead
9:40pm 1.4G/1.3G Main Display - Brian Geck – Lead

What are the current field conditions ? Long range weather forecast shows 100% rain for Saturday.

Any updates?

So the weather held out today, and its looking to be “up in the air” so to speak for tomorrow, as far as I can tell so far its been downgraded from the severity it was originally forecasted. I know many plan to be there regardless, but even if the bad word( r. a. i. n. spelled out so I don’t say it) happens there is enough grass and such to make it ok. Hope this helps.