PAT Fall Event - Caddo Mills - Oct. 12-14th - Event Details

Event Time & Location Details are posted on the Home PAT Website page:
Some highlights:

Nick Petree, PGI shell builder extraordinaire, is designing the main Saturday night Display, a 1.4G/1.3G pyromusical, along with Brent Brod’s help in the field. Some of Nick’s planned songs:
Movin Out by Aerosmith
Disillusioned by Perfect Circle
Breaking your Fall by Chris Whitley
What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong

Chris & Matt Roth, and Nick Sainz, are offering a 4" shell building class, you’ll definitely want to attend on Friday if you want to begin building shells.

We’ve got 4800 Saturn Missiles already boarded, with even more to setup for the mass Saturn Missile launch.

GWPyro is bringing their A-game: learn from them how to build mine shells, gas mines, and creamora’s, For this 20th anniversary they’re also bringing their Wall of Fire!

Ever see 5000-10000 stick rockets launch at the same time, you’ll be able to help Rex Nelson do exactly that.

Can’t Wait

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