PAT Group buy for Spring Pyrofest May 13-15, 2022

Update: Price list has been updated to the new prices published by Spirit of '76 on April 16th.

Some items on the price list are not yet in stock. The expected arrival dates are on the price list. Anything not expected prior to about May 3rd will not arrive in time for this buy.

Fellow PAT members,

It’s time to get the group buy going for the 2022 spring event.

This buy is open only to PAT members and must be picked up in person at the Spring Pyrofest in Caddo Mills.

Please find the price list here:

Believe it or not, in this crazy world, shipping has gone up even more than the cost of fireworks. The estimate I got from Spirit on an 8 pallet order came in at about 12% for the shipping. So, figure 12% for the shipping. If that proves to be too much, we can refund the difference or donate it to the PAT general fund.

If possible, please use the spreadsheet. All you have to do is enter the order quantity and the spreadsheet will do all the math.

Payments can be sent via Paypal or Zelle to:

Please fill out the name, payment address, and phone number information at the top of the spreadsheet.

Order and Payment Cutoff will be April 29th, 2022 at midnight. Payments must be received before your order will be made.

Feel free to direct any questions to


Thanks for running this for the group Chris.

Hey guys! Quick update: Spirit of '76 is doing a product drop on April 16th. While this will mean some additional product being available to choose from, it also means a new price list. To lock in orders at the currently posted prices, please get your orders to me before the product drop and new price list. I recommend getting them to me by midnight on April 14th to give me time to process them before the 16th. You can still place a new order or add to your existing order after the 16th, but it will be at the new pricing. I will update the group’s price list as soon as I have it.

Price list updated. See original post. Many new items to choose from. Get those orders in by April 29th!!!

I’d written down to make a decision to go to Pyrofest by April 29th so that I could order in the group buy. Ran it by my wife one more time this morning and mentioned to her that I had to decide by April 29th. She looks at me with wide eyes…”It’s the 30th!” :man_facepalming:t2::man_facepalming:t2::man_facepalming:t2: I’m an idiot.

But, even without going in on the group buy, I’ll be at Pyrofest!!! So it’s all good!!!

Get it to me this morning and I’ll get it on the order.

Oh man, you’re awesome! I’ll get it and payment to you within the next 15-30 minutes! Thank you!!

If you sent in a group buy request, you should have received an email confirmation this morning. If you did not receive that confirmation, please resend your order via email right away. I don’t want to overlook anybody.