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Where can I find some study material to get my pyro license in Texas?
Study material for exam


This is a guide. If you look under test references, they list the articles you need to be familiar with as the test is based on them. Also @fuse I believe has some study notes he has worked on that he might be willing to share.

Thank you Nick for the information!!! I will reach out to Fuse.

Thanks again


You can also check out the licensing overview on this thread Texas Pyrotechnic Licensing Overview

Where is the best place to keep up with the PAT events? The FireAnts Web Site ( is a little stagnant. I signed up for the forum today and I do see some recent activity here. I don’t do Facebook. The Facebook page does not appear to be “public” (

I live a little south of Fort Worth and I am interested in getting legal so I can transport home made shells and rockets (for non-commercial use). I would love to join PAT and come to a few events. I would like to see what other Texans have done for indoor Type 4 magazines, etc. I hear the ATF can be a little difficult depending on the Agent assigned in your area.

I am not really concerned with 1.3 or becoming a display operator. I just want to be able to transport my manufactured devices without fear of legal trouble.

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PAT Events will be posted here and on Facebook

Our Facebook Page is Public.

We’re working on setting up a Fall Event, so please stay tuned.

For small indoor Type 4 magazines, quite a few folks have used Jobox’s, either lined with wood or having an epoxy coat from the factory. As an indoor Type 4 magazine, it would be limited to 50lb. of low explosive composition, but that might meet your needs. I’ve found the ATF will approve you if you meet the requirements, they’ll ask you to make changes if you don’t. Whether you pursue a Type 20 or 50 License, or a Type 54 Permit, a small indoor mag. would meet the requirements for approval. You’d need a Type 1 or 2 magazine to buy/store high explosives. A good thread on Indoor Type 4 magazines is here:

Holding such a License or Permit and having a Type 4 Indoor mag. would solve your low explosive/1.3G storage and transportation(not for commerce) concerns. But shooting 1.3G in Texas requires Display Insurance, FPO License, and a State TDI Display Permit.

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Thank you very much for the info. I plan to join the club and I hope to make the Fall shoot. I will keep my eye on the forum.

I primarily just need safe storage… and my license. The Jobbox could go in my work shed. I would seldom have over 50# of BP. I would only mill up what I need for the project I would be working on.

I have seen various posts on how to modify such boxes. I just need to get off my tail and get it done.

For some reason I feel a little intimidated by the ATF and am not looking forward to contacting them. I need to get over that as well.

As for shooting at a club event, would I still need the “Display Insurance, FPO License, and a State TDI Display Permit”? Or, would that be covered by the club?

Thank you again.

You’re welcome. We’re all a little intimidated by the ATF. But the reality is that they have to grant you the license unless there’s something to rectify, and when you fix the issue they’ll grant you the license. Then it’s just record keeping, which for things like what you want to do, it should be fairly straight forward. The Jobox in the shed you mention should be fine as long you meet comply with the construction requirements and the table of distances.

We’ve helped quite a few folks get their Type 20 or 50 Licenses, we’re fans of everyone getting their Type 20 even if they don’t have Type 1-2 Storage since it just simplifies things. You don’t need Type 1-2 Storage to get a Type 20 license, you just wouldn’t be able to buy/store high explosive, eg. - flash, since you don’t have the storage.

We’ll help you fill out your ATF license application, and you can always call or email the FELC with any questions, they’re actually quite helpful.

Federal Explosives Licensing Center
244 Needy Road
Martinsburg, West Virginia 25405
Voice: (877) 283-3352 (Toll Free)
Fax: (304) 616-4401

For PAT Events we pull Texas State TDI Fire Marshall Permits with insurance, with FPO’s as named Leads on the Permit, and Member-Builders are covered under the PAT State Permit for shooting and our ATF Type 20-50 Licenses allow us to have build materials. The reality is if you have commercial 1.3G effects, you’re legally required to shoot them in Texas within a Permitted display. Only firms with Distributor Licenses($1700/annually) can launch 1.3G without Permits, for “testing” purposes.

Hope that helps a bit. Let us know if you have more questions.