Pyro Supplies for Sale - Delivered to PyroFest

Hey all,

My name’s Jordan Glassman. I’ve been involved with PAT for about 10 years now but haven’t attended many events in recent times. Some of you may have met me at PyroFest Spring '21. Between finishing up my degree and prepping for grad school I’ve run out of time to put my pyro supplies to good use, and would like to pass them on to a new enthusiast at a fair price.

My chemicals and tools are well suited for a newer pyro, with plenty of variety for trying various comps and all the chems for the Veline colored star system. All chems are in plastic tubs or bagged in cardboard boxes.

I’m asking $500 firm, cash, Venmo, or Zelle. Brent Black from Amarillo will be delivering them to PyroFest free of charge, and can accept cash on my behalf. Respond below or shoot me a text at (210) 901-1304 if you’re interested, thanks!

Non-metallic Fuels:
charcoal, hardwood, air float - 7lbs.
charcoal, hardwood, 80 mesh - 2lbs.
charcoal, hardwood, 36 mesh - 1lbs.
charcoal, willow, air float - 2lbs.
sulfur - 6lbs.
potassium benzoate - 800g
silicon, 325 mesh - 1lbs.

spherical titanium, 40-100 mesh - 3lbs.
sponge titanium - 100g
ferroTi, 40 mesh - 200g
aluminum, german dark coated - 1lbs.
aluminum, german dark (coated?) - 1lbs.
spherical aluminum, 325 mesh - 1lbs.
magnalium, 200-325 mesh - 600g
magnalium, 80-200 mesh - 100g
magnalium, 50 mesh - 1lbs.
steel powder, 80 mesh granular - 1lbs.
magnesium, fine shavings - 100g

potassium nitrate, 200 mesh - 2lbs.
potassium nitrate, prilled - 15lbs.
potassium perchlorate - 9lbs.
barium nitrate, granular - 7lbs.
strontium nitrate - 1lbs.
potassium dichromate - 1lbs.
parlon - 1lbs.

gum arabic - 80g
shellac - 80g
lactose - 65g
saran resin - 80g
hexamine - 100g
rice starch - 100g
vinsol - 100g
cryolite - 250g
boric acid - 550g
black iron oxide - 100g
red iron oxide- 1lbs.
copper oxide - 1lbs.
barium carbonate, air float - 700g
strontium carbonate, air float - 2lbs.
copper carbonate - 250g
lithium carbonate - 100g
calcium carbonate - 250g
sodium bicarbonate - 2lbs.
dextrin - 4lbs.
red gum, air float - 2lbs.
wood meal - 1lbs.
bentonite clay w/ graphite - 1lbs.
kitty litter bentonite clay - 7lbs.
denatured alcohol - 1 quart
acetone - 1 pint

(potassium perc?) - 1lbs.
(perc or nitrate?) 2lbs.

green visco - 20ft.
chinese time fuse, 3 sec/inch - 10ft.

6lbs. harbor freight ball mill
1/2” hardened lead-antimony mill media - 200
10”x10” stainless mesh screens - 10, 20, 40 & 80 mesh

3/8” x 32” rocket sticks - 16
1/4”ID x 1 1/2” rubber report inserts (plug caps) - 200

Update, the lot has sold as of 9/28.

Thanks for listing, that was a good deal to whomever got it. Sorry you are getting out of pyro for now but good luck on your grad degree!