Returning to the pyro hobby. Hoping to meet other builders

Hi everyone. I’m returning to the hobby after nearly 20 years and am hoping to meet other builders out there. I used to build when I lived in the Seattle/Tacoma area with the Western Pyrotechnics Association and have crewed on countless displays since I was 18. I knew some folks in the Seattle area who were lucky enough to own property suitable for legally manufacturing and storing 1.3G and so got a bit of experience building small cylinder shells, comets, and Roman candles. I was especially interested in glitter and firefly effects. I have more recently worked on senko hanabi sparklers and have gotten pretty successful at making them. Lately, I have the urge to get into rocket building, especially since seeing a video of Tom Rebenklau’s amazing rockets. My ultimate goal here is to meet other pyros who can help me pursue this hobby legally. Are there any builders out there in the greater Austin area?

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I’m in the Austin area, and have a limited experience in building. But taking steps to expand that. Are you headed to the Pyrofest at Caddo Mills? There will be skilled builders there.

Let’s grab a sandwich soon and discuss.

BR Wood

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Howdy BR Wood! I do plan to go to Pyrofest if I’m free that weekend. My beautiful 6 month old daughter keeps me quite busy so I will have to see if my wife and I can have the grandparents babysit for a couple days. Let’s do meet sometime for lunch and talk pyro. Is there a way to direct message on this forum?