Seeking 1.4G Wholesaler in DFW


I have been buying 1.4G fireworks from a wholesaler outside of Austin, TX. Their prices are great, but the 8h roundtrip drive is unforgiving.

Is there a 1.4G wholesaler any closer to Dallas?

I have a Special Effects Operator’s license and I’m current purchasing $5k-$10k of product per year, spread over 4-5 shows.



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I’m from San Antonio and usually drive to Jakes in Athens, TX to pick up product. I’m sure Jakes is a lot closer to you. However, if you cherry pick product like I do, then your gonna want product from several distributors to get good variety. I have a one-stop shop I go to every year, but they’re in Kansas. Great stuff and great variety - because the owner also cherry picks.

Try Pyro Junkie in Alvarado, TX. They are just south of Fort Worth off I35W. Big Fireworks has a warehouse in Wichita Falls. I buy wholesale from both of them, let me know if I can help you out. David


“cowtown” on Pyrofan, Chris in Ft. Worth, organizes a multi-vendor Group Buy every year from Spirit of 76(76Pro), Jakes, and Red Rhino. I vouch for him, he’s a great guy. You’ve missed the window for this season but probably can get in on his orders next season. His Group Buy discount levels exceed what discount percentages you could get on your own. You can PM him on Pyrofan:

Snippet from “cowtown”:
"In short, I put in an order from SO76 at the end of January and from Jakes in March. I pick up or have delivered all the product in May (I usually pick it up). You can then pick it up from me. Btw, I’m in Fort Worth, TX (well, about 1 mile from there anyway). I’m about the easiest person to work with you’ll ever come across. I don’t mind if you want a partial case. I’ll even usually buy the rest of an open case (generally, except for novelty items). And, while I may be new to this forum, I’m a life long pyro fan and you have nothing to fear as I will front the money for the entire order (as long as I can afford to do so). All I ask is that you not stick me with a bunch of product that I didn’t order.

So shoot me a PM with your email and I’ll fill you in with the finer details.



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