SEO wanted for July 3rd

From Pyrofan:

Last ditch effort in TX
So, I know, I know…it’s 6/22 so this is beyond a long shot.

A friend reached out to me last night for help after being contacted by a local county official. Copying his post from “that other place” (he didn’t know about here).

"I am looking for a Texas Licensed Pyro Operator to assist with a small public display taking place about an hour south of Austin on July 3, 2018.

The 1.4g product, which is mainly cakes, is being provided by a local supplier. They had planned to setup a fuse-timed (propane torched) display for a fundraiser. They still have experienced amateur labor for this. The insurance has been secured and the permitting is approved through the Fire Marshall, with the caveat being an operator must conduct it. I’ve been in contact with the organizer, Fire Marshall, and county commissioner. It’s all good to go, they just need an operator."

If anyone knows anyone that wants what looks like a quick gig as a supervisor reach out to Jarrett @ or PM me for other contact info. I have no other details than what’s above except it is here -->

Again, I know, an insane long shot but nothing ventured, nothing gained.

JJ…just emailed you…I could possibly swing it…if necessary