Single shot rack pre-order

Anyone interested in ordering single shot racks? This pre-order should arrive by April, we’re trying to get all of the orders in before Chinese new years. Shipping can either be directly to you or pickup at pyrofest. It is best to order in sets of two for the each size as the factory packs them in sets of 2. Though not required, it is preferred. The total price next to the rack is for residential delivery, if enough are ordered to be picked up at pyrofest I may be able to save each person a bit more money.

Just an update first order is going in tonight, ordering will still be open after Chinese New Year. I cannot guarantee delivery to PyroFest for orders after tonight, but the racks can easily be shipped directly to you. If you order after Chinese New Year and they arrive in time for delivery to PyroFest I will let you know if that is an option. Shipping rates on the form still apply to home delivery, total price in the far right column. If you have any questions please feel free to message me on Facebook or email