Sky Wars - The Renamed Pyromaina - Sept. 25-26, 2020, Near St. Louis, MO

MoPyro is running Sky Wars. From:

Pyro Registration Page(only $25. for non-MoPyro Members)
(Pyro Display Setup on Friday and Saturday, Displays for only Pyro’s on Friday night, Big Displays for the Public on Saturday night)

Public Details and Tickets: SKY WARS – Welcome to SKY WARS

This Party’s Lit
Everyone asks what’s our “secret sauce” to creating a mega hit production. Well, it’s like this.
Secret #1: The people. We have hundreds of volunteers who give it their all when building the most incredible shows in the land.
Secret #2: The choreographers. Unbridled. Unmatched. Unusual. Each pyrotechnician produces surreal displays of perfection.
Secret #3: The shows. Sky Wars will literally ruin your ability to enjoy any other fireworks show. We will elevate your pyrotechnic palate so high that we have to apologize in advance for crushing your future fireworks experiences. Sorry. Our bad.
2020 Schedule of Events
This year’s show breakdown includes the following:
• The National Anthem (accompanied by a spectacular fireworks display)
• A 21-gun salute (honors first responders plus men and women in uniform)
• The Competition (a combination of artistry and ingenuity where Sky Wars limits the specific types and amount of fireworks, the number of electrical matches, and the timeframe)
This year’s participants: Ellery Ho of Fort Wayne, Indiana; Jim Priebe of Liberty, MO; and Scott Smith of Cedar Hill, Missouri
• Unlimited Shows (we take off the handcuffs and let the choreographer include as many fireworks as they’d like. And typically they like A LOT!)
We have two participants this year: Bo Domesick of Dayton, OH who will perform a display called “This Heart of Fire” that includes music that he wrote, sang and produced; and Steve Hinkle of Indiana
• Fireballs (The Fireball Dudes from Memphis, TN, who hold a world record for their signature gasoline fireballs, will display two enormously enormous fireball extravaganzas)
• The Pro Shows (only the licensed professional big boys and girls can light these fireworks up)
This year’s participants: Casabella Pyrotechnics (Lanesville, Indiana); Spirit of 76/Stellar Fireworks (Columbia, MO and Wichita, KS); and a huge closing show by Innovative Pyrotechnic Concepts (Hughesville, MD).

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