Spring 2023 PAT event

Good day Fire Ants! Planning is currently under way for the spring 2023 PAT event! We should have some interesting classes. Details are still being sorted out. There are quite a few things being worked on behind the scenes as well. There may be some private, members only, building and testing events in the future as well. If you need sign offs, come on out, you’ll get to learn the ins and outs of the display side of pyrotechnics.


New to this group. How would one become a member? Someone had mention I look into this after speaking with them at a local stand.


Don’t buy the event pass yet, that needs to be updated as we finalize plans for the event. You can also pay for both at the event as well. I should be able to post the dates and location Monday. It will likely be in Caddo Mills, TX. If you have any questions you can also look at out facebook page and message PAT or Jeremy Jandreau on FB

Looking forward to it…


I’ll be there come rain or shine! Last year was outstanding and I’m eager to learn more. I’ll be bringing my 18yo son this time (incoming member).
Has there been any talk of a potential group buy?