Spring Pyro Fest May 19-20 2017

The Spring Pyro Fest is focused on sharing experiences and knowledge of Pyrotechnics. Pyrotechnic Artists of Texas (PAT) members will provide Manufacturing and Pyrotechnic
demonstrations, as well as opportunity to learn how to setup Consumer Level and Professional Displays.

Nelson’s Fireworks
I-30 Frontage Rd and FM1903,
Caddo Mills, TX 75134

Cost to Attend:
1 Year PAT Membership
$120 + Event Fee $20
Manufacture, Ignite or Handle Fireworks at the Event.

Viewer Pass $20
As a viewer you can go to Training, Demos, launch DARS Model Rockets and attend Saturday Barbecue. YOU CAN NOT HANDLE, MANUFACTURE OR IGNITE FIREWORKS.

Children Under 18 FREE
Children under the age of 18 are free and can participate were appropriate with the supervision
of their guardian. Guardian should be with in arms reach at all times.

PAT will offer training on:
• Mine Building • Rocket Building
• Shell Building • Licensing & Regulations
• Firing Systems • Pyro Mortars/Guns
• 1.4 (Class C) Displays • 1.3 (Class B) Display

  • Texas - 1.3G (B) Sign Offs will be available for those who participate in safety, matching, setup, shoot, tear down, and cleanup.

Agenda for the event:

Friday: (Site Setup, Pyro Manufacturing, Open Shooting)
Gates open at 11:00am. Open Shooting (including DARS Rockets) from
4:00pm – 11:00pm, no salutes to be ignited after 10:00pm. We encourage
members to arrive on Friday to meet and share techniques.

Saturday: (Safety Class, Pyro Manufacturing, Open Shooting, PAT Fireworks Display 9PM)
Mandatory Safety class starts day at 10:00 am, then split into areas of most interest. Open Shooting (including DARS Rockets) from 4:00pm – 11:00pm. 1.4G © and 1.3G (B) Display will be built. The Fireworks Display will be ignited beginning at 9:00pm.

Sunday: (Clean Up)
Clean Up in the morning. If you help you can recoup the $10 Clean Up Event Fee.

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Is there a list of classes and times available?

Most classes will be pretty free form but we are firming them up ASAP.