Texas Group Buys for 2019 Delivery

PAT Member and Host - Chris Stasey is running multiple Group Buys. Please e-mail Chris directly if you wish to participate. Please note you will have to pickup your purchases at Chris’s ranch in Glenn Rose, Texas.

From Chris:
As for usual, the Spirit order will be the first one due. To get the special pricing (25% off gold level – current price list attached (via Dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/008kdcoq8l96dqv/AAC7pJotGD6w4L_27fGfn_fEa?dl=0 ),
those orders need to be sent to Spirit no later than January 31st. Minimum order(collectively) this year is $7,000 to get the special pricing and an order of $25,000 will lock our pricing in through at least the end of July. Please get your Spirit requests to me no later than January 25th to give me time to reconcile the order and send to Spirit. As in the past, partial case requests will be accepted (Hellrazor loves to sort out split cases), but please order at least 25% of the case, if you “open” a new case. Also, be prepared to either buy the rest of the case or drop the case from the order, if it does not close out.

Spirit Super Early Special Pricing: If we can get a $7,000 minimum order together before Dec 15th (and I think we will), we can get an additional 5% off of the attached pricing(via Dropbox. The super early special pricing is available only for orders to be received in 2019 (ie: not for a quick shipment prior to NYE this year). If you would like to take advantage of the super early special pricing, please get those requests to me no later than noon CST on Dec 13th. I will be away from email on Dec 14th and 15th also, that will give me just a little time to get the order together. Due to the short time constraints, please order full cases only for the Super Early Special Pricing. We can work out split cases for the Jan 31 deadline.

With enough interest, we will also put in an order to Jakes and Red Rhino. Let’s get the Jakes and Red Rhino orders in by March 1st. I’ve attached last year’s price lists(via Dropbox) and will provide updated lists when I get them (fair warning – it might be February or later for these vendors). Same 25% rule will apply to partial case requests.

During the year, there will likely be some additional buying opportunities from a few other vendors who might offer delivery to an event that I might attend. For example: Last year we also bought from Sizzboom, Fireworks Forever, & Casabella at the Pyromania event near St. Louis. I also picked up some product from Sizzboom at his demo in March. I’ll keep you posted on any such opportunities as they become available.

As with last year, please make a 50% deposit with the order with the balance due on pick up. Paypal or Zelle work great or checks are fine as well.

So, get those orders in (and soon, if you want to take advantage of the extra 5% off from Spirit). In an attempt to be brief, I’ve probably left some important information out here, so feel free to ask any questions.

Here’s to another great year in pyro!



Chris Stasey