The Grand Finale!

I was curious what type of fuse you commonly use for 1.4 shells in your grand finale.

I have about 144 mortars being divided in two reserved for this. I have used various speeds, but after helping setup at the celebrate fate show it got me wondering what fuse speed is most common. I do have fuse piping too.

the racks im using are about 6 tubes across and measure a little under 2 feet. The idea is to arrange them in a snake pattern

This site has a good overview of fuse and speeds:

Depends what you want you shells to do: all at once, fast or slow linear, etc. Use the fuse with speed that matches your requirements. Do a little testing to see what suits you.

We no longer use 1.4G individual shells. For 1.4G salute finales we use Tannerite M-25 airbursts, can let them run at normal speeds or fast fuse them all at once, for 25 salutes all at once we use Quick Fuse (1/4 sec/ft.) within the cake.

If you have access to 1.3G you can use quick match and insert visco fuse ends into it. As well there is sticky match, it is a line of black powder encased in a thin film, with sticky tape on each side. It can be placed over a line of fuse ends. Sticky match also comes in speeds, “finale” speed is the fastest variant.

Good Luck!

When I want to get all the shells up basically at the same time I use 0.4 sec/ft grey paper fuse. It is super fast and will light your entire rack just about the same time. I have about 100 shells going off at about the 23:00 mark of my last year show. Yeah it was my sky puke moment but the crowd obviously like it lol