Updated Spring Pyrofest 2023 Schedule

2023 Spring Pyrofest.pdf (259.3 KB)

I i want to bring a few shells for friday who do i contact?

Chris Roth. Take a look at the Fireants FB group for details. Pyrotechnic Artists of Texas (PAT)

I plan to bring my press. I can also bring a 3 ton arbor press if anyone wants to make rockets with it. I can assist in rocket making class as well as traditional rocket header making class.

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I’m only planning to come for the Saturday night displays due to time constraints. If I buy the guest passes online, do I print something out to show when I get there? I know that there are some badges being given out (I imagine that’s for PAT members?) but that’s on Friday morning.

They make the badges onsite at registration. Too costly for the club to print and mail them out. And often people forget to bring them anyway. I would get there before dark to get your badges.

OK, so if I buy tickets online now, I’ll have a badge waiting for me, regardless of my guest status?

The registration staff print member and/or guest badges on demand onsite. But registration typically does close about 45 minutes to about 1 hour before the shows. They often have other duties for the display or assist as needed. Not having a badge won’t prevent you from getting a seat in the public area to view shows but it may prevent you from going into the field as a member or afterwards for open shooting.

My suggestion is get there before 5pm get your badges and find some good seats and visit with members.

Thanks for the timely information!