Will pay for temp. legal use of private land for small family fireworks fun 12/31/20

My small family is looking to legally shoot off fireworks in the Collin County area on New Years eve this year. We can do this in unincorporated parts of the county on private property. We are open to other legal counties in N. Texas too. Just looking for someone to be so kind to let us use a safe corner of their land to do so for an hour or two. We will of course pick up all garbage and are very respectful people. We can negotiate a price ($100?) and you are more than welcome to the show too! Thanks! :slight_smile:

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Nelsons Fireworks usually runs a Park & Pop on their land behind their stand in Caddo Mills. Check with Rex for details http://www.nelsonsfireworks.com/contact-us.html

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Thanks! I will check with them.

I’ve also heard parks around Lake Lavon are good spots too, can anyone else second that too? Thanks!