Pyrofest 2019 event attendance

My wife and I are planning to attend all 3 days of pyrofest. I am waiting on my check to pay for membership for both of us. We have already booked our hotel. We plan to join the buildouts and licensing sessions as both of us are looking to license. I really don’t want to disclose details of our personal show we have done in the past until I learn a bit more about the scope of the rules regarding licenses and rules. Just know that we want to take this more seriously and more long term so we figured we had better follow up. My question is what should we bring to prepare for such event. Also can we pay for membership and event at the event if it comes to it. Lastly it was said spirit and red rhino will be there; will any fireworks be available for purchase. I’ve been to a couple of demos in to past where they were available for purchase…that’s why I ask.

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Thanks for the questions.

The typical needs for an event are eye and ear protection, gloves, comfortable clothing. If you want to work fire crew you will want cotton clothes like jeans and a cotton shirt.

Instead of selling at the event, we did a group buy before the event and that is being delivered to the event. But that group buy has already ended.

There will be building of fireworks onsite. Those classes provide the materials.

You can pay for membership and event fees at the event, so no worries there.

I would say as a new member, just try and introduce yourself to as many members as possible. Ask to help if your interested in learning. And enjoy the shows.


I am looking forward to this. Thanks for the information. I know I have a ton of reading to do. Now that we are starting to get actively involved on a more regular basis I am learning about alot of resources available. just have to categorize it all in my head…


Welcome. As Nick noted bring PPE and long cotton clothing for evening. Bring normal pyro gear: headlamp useful, flashlight, pocket knife, wire stripper or electrician scissors, gloves(for dealing with racks, sun protection(hat, sunscreen), bug spray(it’s at a cattle ranch), boots(might be muddy), rain gear(just in case). But we can supply hardhats, extra tools, pokes, so don’t sweat it.

The PAT club supplies or funds most of the product in the displays, and some of the product in the build areas, so don’t bring any product unless you just want to shoot it. The club will supply e-matches & igniters. PAT members are supplying all the Cobra modules, we’re over 150-18M’s and 10-72M’s now, just for the 7-Sat. displays. As well, PAT members are supplying single shot and 1.3G racks, we’ve got 20-llama’s and a bunch of Big Time Pyro single shot racks. We’ve got 20-8" tubes, 10-10" tubes, and 4-12" tubes, and various members have shells to fill them.

My article on licensing is a good place to start and you’re welcome to find me to answer any questions. Texas Pyrotechnic Licensing Overview Scroll up to read the beginning.

You can see how we do Group Buys is some of our Forum posts, even downloading the pricing will help you understand wholesale margins and compare vendors: Texas Group Buys for 2019 Delivery We can also discuss vendors to source 1.3G from when you get your ATF license.

See you soon,


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@fuse and @Nick. Thanks both for the info, this is very helpful. This event was recently brought to my attention, so I’m pulling everything together last minute in order to attend.
I’m seeing reference to certain events such as a licensing seminar and whatnot. Is there a more detailed agenda posted somewhere that I’m not seeing?

Here is a link to the event page, also make sure to follow our facebook page as that is where I do most of the public talking.

The plan currently is shell building, kadushious rockets, and girandola classes Friday. Also Friday will be Spirit of 76 and Red Rhino Demo Displays and open shooting. Saturday is going to be a lot of display setup and 7 displays that evening. This is also when @fuse will like do licensing seminar based on need. Usually this is a group of less than 8 and JJ talks the group through requirements.